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FTS offers training for all skill levels, from novice gun owner to advanced tactical self-defense. We understand the need to enhance your skills as your needs change.  Whether it be a hunter safety course, self-defense strategies, or armed security training, we offer realistic and relevant training opportunities.  Our unique computer based training allows participants to complete the coursework independently in privacy of your own home as convenient.  Some of the courses we offer are listed below, please feel free to contact us if you need something specific.


Tactical Courses Offered (Basic to Advanced Levels):

·         NRA Basic Pistol

·         NRA basic rifle

·         FTS Hand-to-Hand with a Firearm

·         Unarmed Civilian Active Shooter Defense

·         Armed Civilian Active Shooter & Active Terrorist Shooter

·         Rifle-to-Pistol Transition Training

FTS Women's Self Defense

·         Counter sexual assault (unarmed)

·         Home firearms defense

NRA and FTS Law Enforcement Certifications

·         Yearly updates

·         Street fight from your patrol vehicle

·         Long range rifle

·         TAZER

Private Armed Security Certifications

·         PA Act 235 Certification

·         ASP & Baton Certification

·         TAZER Certification

·         Edged Weapon Certification

·         Pepper Spray Certification


The FTS Wilderness Survival Training

Designed to strengthen the skills necessary to survive in a wilderness situation. Whether you find yourself in the wilderness by choice or through some accident, you will learn the skills necessary to survive.


1. Basic Survival

2. Scenario Based Survival Training and Certification

3. Team Training for Survival


All certified FTS courses are developed by NRA instructors.  FTS personnel do not teach what we have read or watched, we teach what we have learned and applied.  Our blended approach allows participants to complete the online and classroom portions of the training at their own pace, repeating modules if required, so that there is a thorough understanding of the material before the practical training occurs.

Most activities are conducted outside. Firearms may be used in all types of weather, there are no refunds for inclement weather.