Firearm Training Specialists, LLC (FTS) brings a new brand of security training to the maritime industry. The training provides a blended mix of Computer Based Training (CBT) scenarios, hands on tactics and maritime vessel/facility threat assessments.  The CBT training curriculum is adapted from the DHS’ Run, Hide, Fight model for the unique needs of the maritime industry. The hands-on tactics and threat assessment courses improve passenger vessel crew’s proficiency in security and safety protocols when addressing the growing concern with violent intruders or active shooter situations.


FTS instructors are experienced maritime safety and security professionals that are passionate about teaching the necessary skills needed to identify and counter maritime threats. FTS is comprised of individuals from the military, law enforcement, and educational administration and was established to support the maritime industry, houses of worship, businesses and school districts through education and training. FTS possess more than 60 years combined maritime experience that offers the most comprehensive and effective security response training for individuals working within the maritime industry.


FTS maritime vessel security training teaches crews the importance of detection, deterrence and defense tactics under 33CFR parts 101-105 to counter a violent intruder/active shooter situation. These security initiatives are in place to improve the crew’s resilience and readiness in the protection of themselves and passengers as the front line of defense while waiting for law enforcement agencies to respond.


Our mission is simple… to EMPOWER the maritime industry with the required skill sets and confidence to protect themselves, crewmembers and their passengers in the case of an active shooter or violent intruder situation. FTS staff teaches and certifies CSO, VSO, persons with specific security duties and their crews through our blended CBT and hands-on defense tactics training sessions. We strive to impart practical knowledge, tactical capability, and increased confidence to help provide a safer maritime environment for all commercial and passenger vessels. By developing these specific skills, implementing detailed emergency action plans, and providing ongoing training and drills, we strive to empower passenger vessel crews to identify threats, become harder targets and improve deterrence to violent intruders and active shooter threats to the maritime industry.

Demo of our Ferry Active Shooter CBT Training