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Todays corporate environments were built to make us agile in business, serve the needs of our customers while adhering to regulations unique to each corporations business units. They were not designed to defend against an Active Threat in the workplace. Just as every corporation or office has a unique layout for doors, hallways, and windows, or lack thereof, they also have unique needs in an Active Threat situation. Each location comes with its own unique needs, whether it is dealing with customers, patients, or recent parolees. There will be options that are available at some corporations or companies that will not be available at others due to restrictions and/or regulations. One size does not fit all.


While still adhering to the Department of Homeland Security’s recommended response options of “Run, Hide, Fight”, FTS designs solutions that work within the constraints of your unique business needs, whether its patient safety requirements, a strict no weapons of any type on-premises regulation, or dealing with the differently-abled. FTS can give you a plan to help keep people safe and survive the Active Threat.


FTS offers the best Active Shooter, Active Threat training in the Maritime, House of Worship and Corporate world. Because the needs are different for every business, please contact us for a quote for your business needs.

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